Phishing is a form of deception based on the use of misleading e-mails. These e-mails appear to have been sent by a financial institution, authority or well-known third party, whose identity (trademark, logo, etc.) is usurped to "fish" for personal or confidential data, including customers identity like username and password/PIN.

Such e-mails generally refer to fraudulent websites that, at first sight, resemble very closely those of well-known financial institutions or authorities and are intended to deceive customers. The request for information is often justified by referring to the application of so-called security measures or the updating of databanks.

An important piece of advice:

Never give out personal or confidential details, such as passwords, secret codes, account numbers or numbers of bank or identity cards, by e-mail.

Do not click on the links given in any e-mails. Instead type the full web address on the internet browser.