Protect Yourself

Take care of your personal information
Your User ID and Internet password are the keys to your online internet access. Never write them down, give them to anyone else or include them in an e-mail. Destroy documents containing personal information securely, and be very cautious in posting personal details to social networking sites on the internet, as criminals can use this information to commit fraud. Remember that protecting your User ID, passwords and security details are your responsibility.

Secure your computer by:

  • Installing the latest software and patches.
  • Having updated anti virus protection.
  • Having anti-spyware and personal firewall protection.
  • Download and use programmes from a known and trusted suppliers.
Secure yourself from fraud by:
  • If any unknown person contacts you to market an exclusive promotional offer, or to inform you that you have won a gift or reward, as a result of your using a credit / debit card, know it to be fraud. Do not provide any data related to you such as User ID, password, address or any other details.
  • Before you sign any document always make sure to check the content of document. Do not sign any document without reading. If you are in a hurry, seek another time but never sign without reading.
  • Change User ID/Password of your online account regularly & frequently. Make sure that password and User ID/ Password are not related to your personal details like Phone number, Card Number, House Number, Birth date, Employee Number etc.
  • Carry with you only those cards you really consider you need while online payment.
  • Never write down your User ID/Password on the card & never give your User ID/Password to anyone.
  • While disposing of your cancelled cheques, statements, and/or mail with personal information on them, destroy them completely to avoid identity theft.
  • Use Internet banking from trusted computer environment. Otherwise they might have key logger installed, which can capture your details to steal your identity.
  • While using laptops in public places make sure nobody watches you when you are entering your User ID/Password.
  • While opening an account never give cash to anybody. Either give cheque or deposit cash yourself.
  • While counting or carrying valuables, if somebody tries to divert your attention, first take care of your valuables & then pay attention.